Tips for Treating Joint Inflammation

After we reach the 30s, our body will begin to show symptoms of degeneration. Even with a balanced diet and active lifestyle, genes still play a role in deciding whether we live a healthy after we reach the old age. One of the most common health issues that we face in our 30s is related to joint.

Human’s capacity to store and absorb calcium degrades over time. The older we get, the more susceptible we are to calcium deficiency and all of its health consequences. Once we feel like there is the slightest problem with the knees, we should act fast to tend to it. Joints are hard to heal, and it is better to treat the emerging pain and prevent further damage before it is too late and becomes permanent.

The solution to joint pain is to add these following supplements to the diet:


KneeGlucosamine has its sulfate parts that can help to treat joint inflammation. It helps the cartilage on the bone to repair from the friction caused by the insufficient amount of joint fluid. This chemical substance also affects positively on the recovery of tendon, cartilage, bone, and on the replenishment of joint fluid.

Glucosamine sulfate is harvested naturally from seashells and turned to a supplement with additives. Shark cartilage, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) are common to find in Glucosamine supplements. Therefore, you should be careful with the additive if you have a medical history of allergy.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

SupplementMSM is another substance beneficial to the growth of connective tissues. Natural sources for the body to get this substance are from fruits, corn, tomatoes, coffee and dairy products. However, MSM in natural foods appears in very small amount. This fact is the reason why MSM supplements can be a perfect complementary nutrition to arthritis diet.

There are natural and chemically derived supplements on the market. MSM at is natural and GMO-free. Combined with vitamin C, the MSM supplement can be absorbed quickly by the body.

Ginger extracts

extractGinger can treat arthritis by relieving the pain. Taking the extract will help you to get more benefits than trying to process fresh gingers by yourself and then consume it.

The best ginger extract to take is the capsule form. Ginger tea, oil, and powder are vulnerable to losing the purity of the extracted ginger. Look for the statement, “supercritical extraction,” which means you can get the purest ginger out of the capsules. Ginger extracts that come in capsules also contain more ginger than the other forms of extract.


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Adrienne Queen