How Air Pollution Affects Our Health

One of the things that significantly affect our lives and our quality of life is air quality. It is critical to have good air quality for the sake of our health. The quality of what we inhale and breathe into our lungs will resonate with our entire bodies. With the current rate of development in industrial manufacturing, the advancement in technology, and the increase in automotive, the state of air quality has gotten worse because of air pollution. One of the worst cases is the air pollution in delhi which can be very dangerous. The contamination of the atmosphere which is because of air pollution can very much affect us in a lot of ways, especially in our health.


air pollution causeOne of the causes of air pollution is the exhaust that comes from manufacturing industries and factories. They emit a very large amount of chemicals, hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere which depletes the air quality. Agricultural activities also pollute the atmosphere since it uses ammonia, pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides which all release harmful chemicals into the air. There is also a thing called indoor air pollution, which is the contamination of the air indoors because of paint or household cleaning products that emit toxic chemicals into the air. The main cause for it is emissions. It can come from the various transportation and vehicles, forest fires, industrial production, the burning of fossil fuels, and aerosol use.


Atmospheric pollution affects your health greatly. The effects impact our psychological and physical wellbeing, starting from our organs, our bodily functions, and to our minds. The population in the city and urban areas are much more exposed to the effects of the pollution and for children, the elderly, and people who are already ill, they are more vulnerable towards the impact. The effects include respiratory diseases, fatigue, headaches, irritation of the eyes, cardiovascular damage, irritation of the throat, asthma, nervous system damage, anxiety, as well as harm to the spleen, liver, and blood.


outdoor maskA few tips to reduce the effects of air pollution on your health is to wear a mask when you go outdoors and do outdoor activities where the air pollution is considered high. If you experience symptoms such as a sore throat or a cough, reduce outdoor physical exertion. To avoid the build-up of air pollution, try to reduce the production of harmful emissions and be mindful of what you are doing.

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Adrienne Queen